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We connect people interested in working with commodities to the best contacts/players in the market.



If you're looking for a business opportunity in the agribusiness sector, then you should consider becoming a franchisee of BT Agro. We have a proven track record of success and offer our franchisees all the necessary tools to succeed.

There are several advantages of becoming a franchisee of BT Agro, including access to innovative technologies, high-quality products, support in business planning and management, marketing and advertising, as well as being part of a community of successful and recognized entrepreneurs in the market.

Access to
soybean production

We have access to 25% of Brazil's annual soybean production, which allows us to supply a large amount of this important product from the Brazilian agribusiness.

Solid and
reliable relationship

With our high business repeat rate (67%), we have built a solid relationship with our customers and created a reliable business portfolio.

sales team

Our sales team achieves high monthly yields of USD 35,000.00 per operator, ensuring significant results for our clients.

Sustainable carbon credit

We have exclusive knowledge and partnership in the production of agricultural carbon credits. We are opening a new market in this segment.


We have 35 years of experience and offer 21 training programs, providing business solutions and empowering our franchisees to engage in brokerage and trading activities in the agribusiness sector.

global business

With global connections, we conduct business in various sectors including Food, Biodiesel, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Fertilizers, Hygiene, Animal Nutrition, and Chemicals.

Long-lasting and
profitable business

We offer regional exclusivity and lifetime commissions to our franchisees for new suppliers and customers registered on our platform, ensuring profitable and long-lasting business opportunities.

Franchisee support
and full services

We offer support in meetings and visits to our franchisees, as well as complete administrative post-sales services and contract execution.

Agro technology:
specialized CRM

We work with a CRM developed specifically for agribusiness, which already provides our clients with a list of potential buyers to work with.

business desk

We offer access to the Business Desk of our headquarters in São Paulo, Amsterdam, and Shanghai, connecting buyers and sellers from all over the world.

Agricultural investment

We offer investment opportunities in Farms and trade agricultural land and equipment, providing financial return to investors.

Privileged market

We provide our clients with exclusive market information, allowing them to take advantage of timely and scheduled trade opportunities.


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We are seeking franchisees who are entrepreneurs interested in trading commodities. We offer training in consultancy and creation of sustainable agricultural projects and carbon credits. Join us and make a difference!

We offer training, qualification, and supplier and customer loyalty, as well as approval from the main market players. Count on us to get all the necessary structure for the success of your business.

Schedule a meeting with our team, let's find out if we have any business to do together.


We connect people interested in working with commodities to the best contacts/players in the market.


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